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Engaged at the Chatsfield

Engaged at the Chatsfield - Melanie Milburne This is a promotional prequel to the Chatsfield series.

The overall concept reminded me a lot of the Better Date than Never series by [a:Susan Hatler|4575283|Susan Hatler|https://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1329201789p2/4575283.jpg], in that the stories are more connected by the location than by the characters.

I enjoyed the whole "pretend to have a fiancee, and then the guy actually shows up and has to pretend to be her fiancee" thing, but I felt that it moved way too fast, even for a novella.

I swear I almost got whiplash from how quickly Marcus changed his mind about Juliet.

You could also feel that the story wanted to focus on other things - certain characters who were barely mentioned in the story were given more attention than Juliet, at times. She ended up being completely overshadowed whenever what I assume are future characters showed up.

As a promotional piece, Engaged did its job. As a story, it could have (and should have) spent more time on Juliet and Marcus.