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Howl - Trinity Night, Scarlett Grove I feel so lost and confused!

A paranormal romance with werewolves that has more plot progression than it does sex scenes, and it doesn't contain a single of my Werewolf Romance rules...what is this sorcery???

(To be fair, I've got a feeling that Rule #3 applies later on in the series - Rule #3 being "Werewolves desire women with curves, because female werewolves are all lean and muscular.")

However, I am judging this book on its own, and it hasn't mentioned a single, overused paranormal werewolf trend.

The story is about a woman named Jane who, through a series of lucky "coincidences" manages to get out of her dead-end job in a coffee shop and lands a pretty nice tutoring job that finally gives her a chance to use her Master's degree.

She also has prophetic dreams brought on by the trauma of her parents getting divorced. Somehow.

There's also a sexy thing going on with a ghost who thinks she's his long lost love reincarnated or something like that, but like I said, there's more to the book than just the ghost dream sex scenes. I mean, there's characterization and everything!

I feel that I should also point out that there are no actual werewolves in this book. Only implied werewolves.