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Where Love Finds You

Where Love Finds You - Marilyn Grey Soooo much of this book was characters discussing soul mates. Just constantly, back and forth - do soul mates exist?

Are they worth waiting for, when there are still perfectly acceptable options available?

How do you know when you find them?

How do you know you *will* find them?

If you're destined to encounter them, do your choices have any effect on the outcome, or will you just find them no matter what?


There's lots of depressed moping around, and complaining that love isn't worth it if it isn't "the one", even though nobody knows if there is such a thing as "the one" or what the odds are that they'd ever run into that one person out of billions.

And all while this moping is going on, the two main characters just keep barely missing each other.

I'd have enjoyed the book more if it didn't try to be so ridiculously philosophical about the prospect of soul mates. Instead of feeling deep, it just came across as pretentious. Especially for a rather self-aware romance story. The characters know exactly what they are.

Things didn't start settling down until Sarah got cervical cancer, and Emily realized that waiting on a dream that might not happen is a waste of the time we're given to live.

And after her realization, as if by magic, she finds the man she's been waiting for.

Not gonna lie - my heart melted a little as everything came together, and the pretense of deepness was dropped. The story became what it truly was all along - a sappy love story of two people who beat the odds.

It's essentially just the book version of the song Somebody by Reba McEntire.