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Blind Wolf

Blind Wolf - Aubrey Rose Blind Wolf is another Amazon freebie that surprised me with its focus on story above sex scenes. Neither are exceptionally spectacular, but I appreciate the effort to write something more than just a smutty shifter romance.

Damien and Julia actually talk to each other, and there are conflicts and (barely sensible) resolutions before they hook up. Although there's no question that they're going to hook up, what with that whole soul mate thing going on.

There was a lot of back and forth with Damien constantly changing his mind from, "I need to do what's best for the pack!" to "I only want Julia!", which, combined with Julia's already low self-esteem, made her unbearable at points.

And then, not only does Damien go back and forth with his emotions for Julia, but he ends up springing the fact that he's a werewolf on her when he has to defend her against...a rogue wolf? Someone from another pack? That's not really explained in this book...anyway. He has to defend her from this other wolf, and nearly kills the other guy in front of Julia. And THEN, on top of watching Damien transform into a wolf and nearly killing another werewolf, she finds out that his pack are the ones who are trying to buy out her foreclosed house, and that Damien was supposed to be seducing her to get her to sell the house to him...

It's a wonder to me that they resolved everything and hooked up at the end.

No, really. Soul mates aside, why did she hook up with him?


Hold on, let me grab my Werewolf Romance checklist.

Hmmmm. The main issue of the werewolf side of the story is the fact that Damien needs to mate so that his pack doesn't die out with just the four wolves currently in it. Classic Rule #1 - Werewolf babies solve everything.

I suppose Rule #3 (Werewolves desire women with curves, because female werewolves are all lean and muscular) could apply to this story, although the relationship in this story is one of those soul mate deals, so one could argue that the rule doesn't *really* apply, since Julia and Damien would have gotten together no matter what.

And, in a bizarre twist, Rule #4 (werewolves cannot breed with other werewolves) is completely thrown on its head, so that in this story, werewolves cannot breed with humans.

I'm also tempted to apply Rule #5 (it's rutting season), since one of the major plot points in the story is the fact that Damien needs to mate. I only like to really pull that one out when the actual term "rutting" is used to describe the werewolf's need to mate, though.