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The Black Wolf's Mark (The black wolf's mark, #1)

The Black Wolf's Mark (The black wolf's mark, #1) - Pet TorreS The premise of this book was fine, but it really, really needed an editor.

The plot revolves around a man named Zidane -

(Sadly, no.)

- who is a seventh son, and as a seventh son, he gets branded with the Black Wolf's mark. The belief behind the mark is that if a seventh son lives for 277 full moons (23 years, give or take), he will become a monster that will destroy the world. Even though nobody can really prove that, seeing as how they kill all of the seventh sons right after marking them.

So, Zidane's life gets left to chance, because the man in charge of killing him felt bad about straight-up killing a baby.

Twenty some odd years later, Zidane shows back up in the village he was originally born in, looking for work, not knowing what he really is.

A girl in the village knows, though, and repeatedly tries to warn him away by incoherently shrieking at him about wolves, monsters, and fire. That's Amarilis for you.

Amarilis is a blind witch who is due to be burned at the stake when she turns 18, because...reasons. The villagers really don't like supernatural stuff, but then you have to wonder why they'd wait until she was fully grown to kill her. Why not just kill all the witches when they're babies, like the seventh sons?

Anyway, Amarilis slowly and awkwardly falls in love with Zidane, and he manages to escape the villagers before they kill him. He meets an old man in the woods who may or may not be the man who originally spared Zidane's life (it's implied that he is), Zidane turns into a werewolf on the 277th full moon of his life, he and Amarilis hook up before she goes to be burned alive, and he ends up saving her life by slaughtering most of the villagers.

It sounds sort of interesting when it's put like that, doesn't it?

To get all of that information, though, you've got to fight your way through strangely worded, present tense, third person scenes that jump around with absolutely no warning.

Like I said, this book needs a serious sit-down with an editor. With a bit of work, it could be a decent paranormal romance.