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Double Dare

Double Dare - Rhonda Nelson Most of this book consists of "I want him/her, but there's no way that they want me!", usually from Sam.

He was pretty damn adorable though.

There's nothing remotely realistic about this story. Everything works out way too conveniently...but it's not a terrible story, for all that.

Lou leaves her groom at the altar, unwilling to go through with the marriage her father has planned out for her. She realized she should have spoken up and backed out sooner, but things moved a bit too fast for her to fully wrap her head around them. That, and she's kind of a naive klutz.

To escape her father and her expectant mother-in-law, Lou goes to a company called Double Dare, which specializes in putting together adventurous outings for people. Sam, the owner of the company, goes over all of the rules in the standard contract he makes customers sign, the most important to the story is a rule that forbids "fraternizing with the customer". The contract is very important to the story.


Despite the short notice and the fact that there's something clearly going on with Lou, Sam agrees to put together an adventure for Lou.

Also, despite being addicted to the snack cakes that Lou's dad named after her (Honey Lu's), Sam doesn't realize who Lou is until he sees a conveniently timed news broadcast saying that she was "kidnapped" from her wedding.

Sam confronts Lou about it, and they decide to continue on the adventure anyway. After several whacky hijinks (that include a sex cult, getting drunk, and flipping off a police officer), the two fall in love, and Lou realizes that she's strong enough now to face her problems at home.

Sam takes Lou's desire to go back to mean that she's given up, and is running back to her father, and distances himself from her, because like I said, most of the book is Sam thinking that Lou would never want to be with him.

But everything ends up working out for Lou, and she doesn't have to marry the other guy (Chad? I think his name was Chad...) after all. And nobody is really upset about the fact that she ran out on her very expensive wedding.

Lou decides that she can't give up on Sam without knowing for sure if he's given up on her or not, so she goes to see him one last time, and offers him up a contract of her own.

...my mind was full of Kyubeys as I read this book. I'm not ashamed to admit it.