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Mad About You

Mad About You - Kate Perry I manage to keep stumbling across books that I don't realize are the later parts of a series until I sit down to add them to my "currently reading" list. This is #9 of the Laurel Heights series, apparently. I have no idea what the rest of the books are about.

But, from what I can tell, this is another one of those romance series that are focused more on telling the stories of people in a location, rather than a group of friends.

There are two stories going on at the same time in this book - the first is an adorable romance between Julia and Scott, and the second is a weird romance between a soon-to-be-ex-wrestler named Bull and the object of his affections, Josephine.

The Julia and Scott story is cute - it's about love at first sight, getting by on your own merits, realizing what's truly important in life, and evil florists.

The Bull and Josephine story is about reluctant love at first sight, not judging people based on their appearance, and sending women you barely know a corset and panties.

I really liked Julia's story. Her entire story, not just the romance aspect of it, although Scott was a lot of fun, as well. She didn't want her relationship with Scott to be seen as her sleeping her way to the top, she wanted to be sure that she could win the flower competition because she was good enough to win it on her own. And when she has that dream in her grasp, she realizes that victory feels hollow, because she had to drive away the person she loved in order to get a trophy.

Bull and Josephine, though...I don't know, man. The whole corset and panties thing was weird, and there wasn't really any growth shown between the two until the very end of the story, when Josephine admits out of the blue that she really does love Bull, and she just didn't want to get into a relationship that would end up being as horrible as her previous ones.

Maybe the whole corset and panties thing was explained in another one of the books, and I'm missing some sort of context? With absolutely nothing to go on, though, it was just kind of creepy. And all of the other characters think so, as well, so I know it's not just me.