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Unwrapped - Melody Grace I really loved the relationship between Lacey and Daniel. I felt that the two of them balanced each other out pretty well - Lacey made Daniel feel more daring, and Daniel made Lacey feel more subdued. It was a perfect case of opposites attracting, and their relationship felt real (comparatively, in the world of romance books).

...and then the typical "they could never be in love with me!" misunderstandings started, for absolutely no reason.

Daniel wakes up before Lacey does, and decides to go see if he can grab up a rental car before anyone else shows up to claim one. He figures that getting the car will be a nice surprise for Lacey, since she needs to get to Beachwood Bay that day for her best friend's wedding, and a rental car is the only way anybody is getting anywhere in the blizzard.

Lacey wakes up to find Daniel gone, and just goes batshit insane. Even after she finds out that he went to get a car just for her, so she can make it to the wedding on time, she still fixates on how Daniel must not love her, because he didn't stay there until she woke up.

No. He hates you, Lacey. That's why he went out, in a freaking snowstorm, to make sure you'd have a way to get to your incredibly important wedding.

Daniel, in turn, is rightly confused about Lacey's sudden coldness towards him, and backs off. This makes Lacey feel even more like Daniel doesn't love her.

It's entirely your fault he backed off in the first place, Lacey!


My annoyance at that one particular plot point aside, I really did like the chemistry between the two of them. I don't say this often, but they were hot together. The romantic tension in the first half of the book was just amazing.

I wish I could have given this one four stars, but Lacey's irrational backpedaling killed a good portion of my excitement.