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Loving Ms. Wrong (Walk on the Wild Side: Best Friend Books)

Loving Ms. Wrong (Walk on the Wild Side: Best Friend Books) - C.J. Ellisson
"Please. A guy who doesn't think his magic wang is all I need to cure my ills?"

I enjoyed the first half of this book. I liked the build up of attraction between Katrina and Marcus, the flirting, and their getting stuck together for the night. It was great watching Marcus fall for Katrina, and slowly work his way through her shell, until she felt comfortable telling him why she couldn't allow herself to be with him.

...and then Katrina revealed her deep, dark secret.

Wait. Wait. Get ready for it.

Katrina can't be with Marcus...because she doesn't feel anything during sex.

So, what, she can't feel the act, or have orgasms?

Oh, no - she can have orgasms, and even enjoys having sex.

No. When Katrina says that she doesn't feel anything during sex, she means she doesn't feel any emotional connection to the person she's having sex with.

And her attempt to cure this was to have sex with as many random people as possible, in hopes that one of them will be able to fix her.

Look, Katrina. I understand why you have your emotional disconnect from men, given what happened to your sister. I get it. I do.

But if you're having problems getting emotionally invested in a relationship, lots and lots of indiscriminate sex will not fix your problem. The problem is not the sex - there is no "magic wang" that can make you suddenly get over your sister's rape.

...except for Marcus', apparently. Because after briefly talking to Marcus about her problem, and having mind-blowing sex, suddenly she's all better!

It was all just so ridiculous. Between Katrina's miraculous recovery from years of emotional unbalance and her bedroom talk, there was no hope of me being able to get invested back in their romance. I was laughing way too hard to care.