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Last Kiss In Venice

Last Kiss In Venice - Martin Chu Shui This is another one of those books like [b:The Black Wolf's Mark|19041513|The Black Wolf's Mark (The black wolf's mark, #1)|Pet TorreS|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1385727680s/19041513.jpg|25368014] that would definitely have benefited from an editor. I absolutely love the idea of this story - a modern, paranormal romance take on a Chinese legend - but the writing is just a mess.

The plot would be going along smoothly for a few lines, and then I'd hit a sentence like,

"If we meet again in our next life, if we're both in human form, I would definitely try to marry you at all costs: this is a promise.

Do I understand what that sentence is saying? Yes.

Is it awkward to read? Absolutely.

I've pretty much summed up what I think of the book already. I really don't know what else I can say. If this had been better edited, it would have been a much more enjoyable book. The basis of a good story is in there, it just needs to be polished.

For the rest of this review, enjoy some choice selections of awkward phrasing.

"I really enjoyed your accompany and I thank you for listening to me."


"Joe is only interesting in his beer and watching sports on TV," Charlie lowered his voice.


Glancing at his watch, Charlie realised it was well after lunchtime and that another protest had been arranged that afternoon so he had to be hurry.


'So how do you know who is him?'


"I know that, but I'm just so nervous. I'm worried that I'll blow opportunity if he knows who we are."


Despite of her European appearance...


'Ali, why should I stop? After so many centuries of waiting, why should I stop? This is love, Ali, do you understand love?'