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The Alpha's Mark (A Werewolf Kiss, #1)

The Alpha's Mark  (A Werewolf Kiss, #1) - Chloe Cassidy There wasn't really any romance to this paranormal romance.

The original love interest, who the heroine proclaims as the love of her life, is presumed dead within the first quarter of the book, after a lengthy sex scene.

And then, just pages later, she's mostly over him and having sex with the werewolf who saved her life.

And then she feels bad about moving on from her original love interest, when there's a chance that he might still be alive.

She's just so wishy-washy about what she thinks about the two guys that the relationships are more lust than love. There's no time to build on those relationships either, since most of the 11,500 words are dedicated to sex scenes.

There's a bit of a plot thrown in there, about cursed werewolves and rogue wolves, but it's barely present at all, and is quickly lost in a sea of werewolf sex.

I understand that this is the first book in a series, but it does a terrible job of setting everything up. Which, you know...is what the first book in a series is supposed to do.

The entire thing read like a bad horror movie, with so many scenes hitting overused horror cliches.

The first few scenes of the book include:

- the heroine and her love interest going to a high school Halloween party
- deciding factor in going to the party is the fact that there's free booze
- the party is for some reason located out in the middle of the woods
- the main characters get lost on their way to the party
- they have sex despite the nagging feeling that they're not alone
- they get attacked directly after the sex
- the heroine sees the love interest sliced open by monsters