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Touched By The White Bear (The Snowflake Trilogy Book 1)

Touched By The White Bear (The Snowflake Trilogy Book 1) - JJ Jones I can appreciate what this book set out to do. I can appreciate the fact that it wanted a story beyond the whole woman/polar bear shifter romance. These are respectable goals in a book, especially in an erotica.

Something definitely got lost in the execution, though.

So Logan, our male lead (and part-time polar bear) kidnaps Tanisha in her car, and forces her to help him escape to Mexico. She's not too thrilled with the way her night turned out (understandably), until Logan mentions that he doesn't want to hurt her, and he's willing to pay her for her assistance.

$5,000 if she gets him a hotel room for the night. $10,000 if she'll get his stash of money out of the bank. $100,000 if she drives him all the way to the jet that'll get him to Mexico.

Despite seeing that he's wanted by the FBI, Tanisha agrees to help him out, because he doesn't seem like he's a bad guy, and she could really use the money to do some good.

Okay so far.

Tanisha books them a motel room for the night under her own name, and slips Logan in without anyone noticing. They bond overnight, and Logan tells Tanisha a bit about what's happening, since she saw a TV broadcast about the FBI hunting him down. Logan's a shifter, and the government has been after shifters for hundreds of years now, for various reasons. He figures he'll be safer in Mexico, where at least the US government won't have the jurisdiction to hunt him down.

Apparently bounty hunters aren't a thing in this universe.

Anyway. They get seen together by housekeeping in the morning, and soon reports are coming out about Tanisha being abducted by Logan - complete with pictures of the two of them.

...and this is when Logan sends Tanisha into a high security bank that's surrounded by the FBI to take out a million dollars from his safety deposit box. Logan assures her that it'll be fine, because they won't be expecting a black woman to be helping him. Um...okay?

So Tanisha goes inside the bank, and asks for Logan's security box, and despite the fact that there have been news reports showing Tanisha's photo, despite the fact that the FBI would have known who she was before the information was released to the media, DESPITE THE FACT that she goes in and asks for Logan's box, in a bank that the FBI KNOWS Logan uses, she gets the money, and gets out without any problems whatsoever.

Oh, except for the shifters she runs into on the way back to the car.

Way to drop the ball there, FBI.

Even better, Logan has Tanisha book them another motel room for the night. The motel people are a bit more on the ball than the FBI, and recognize Tanisha, and call the cops. Tanisha and Logan manage to escape by driving into a national park and hiding the car in some trees.

It's a sad, sad day when the people running a Motel 6 show up the FBI.

Anyway, despite knowing roughly where the fugitives are, nobody finds Tanisha and Logan overnight. Come on, guys. It's like you're not even *trying* to find the dangerous man you've put out a warning for!

The plot runs smoothly for a while after that. After the utter incompetence of the FBI, I was willing to give the whole fake plane crash thing a freebie, even though somebody should really have noticed a couple of people parachuting away from the exploding plane. But whatever.

Tanisha is heartbroken, thinking that Logan is dead, but of course he isn't really, and she's overjoyed that he's alive, and that they can be together, if only for a little while longer.

...and then Logan sets course for Tanisha's long-gone father's house, and pretty much admits that there's more to why he kidnapped Tanisha than he'd originally let on.

This was one of those books that was so bad, it was good. While it completely failed to captivate me on the romance side of things, I was way too amused by the whole drama side to completely hate this book.