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13 Ghosts: Strange But True Ghost Stories

13 Ghosts: Strange But True Ghost Stories - Will Osborne 13 Ghosts delivered on what it promised to be - it was a collection of thirteen "true" ghost stories.

All of the stories in the book were older than I was expecting them to be. Most of them were stories that were originally recorded back in the 1700 - 1800s. As I learned from [b:Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds|162120|Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds|Charles Mackay|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1328696270s/162120.jpg|1033191], hauntings were as popular back then as they are today, and people went through great lengths to fake paranormal phenomena.

The stories are introduced with scenes from the tales written as though they were a third person narrative, with the facts of each story following afterwards.

This was a quick read - it was interesting, but don't expect to be scared by any of the stories in the collection. Unless you're scared of historical accuracy.