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Silver Shadows (Bloodlines #5)

Silver Shadows (Bloodlines #5) - Richelle Mead I don't cry over books. Ever.

So it came as a shock that I found myself bawling by the end of this one.

Good lord. That ending...I seriously had tears running down my face.

That's spoiler territory though, so I'm not going to say what it was that had me sobbing like a baby. Just know that I ended up curled in a little ball on my couch, with a heart that wouldn't stop clenching for a good half hour.

I'd go on record saying that Silver Shadows is my favorite book that I've read this year...except I've got a few other series that I'm waiting on, so that wouldn't really be fair to them. They've definitely got their work cut out for them, though.

I guess I should be talking about the book, huh?

Silver Shadows is another split perspective between Sydney and Adrian, which I loved from The Fiery Heart. It was definitely needed in this book, since so much was happening on either side, with Sydney trying to break out of the Alchemist re-education camp, and Adrian trying to find a way to break in to rescue her. The story wouldn't have been complete without both of their perspectives. That, and I always enjoy looking into Adrian's head.

This was definitely the darkest book in the Bloodlines series so far, with only the barest touches of humor to relieve the depression and psychological torture that was such a large part of the story.

I really like Adrian and Sydney more than I liked Dimitri and Rose. Aside from their relationship reaching a whole new level on the "forbidden love" scale, neither Adrian nor Sydney are fighters, like Rose and Dimitri were. You could trust Rose and Dimitri to take care of themselves if they were stuck on their own.

Adrian and Sydney are both, by comparison, weaker. They haven't been trained their entire lives to fight. But that doesn't stop them from doing everything in their limited powers to save the other.

Mmmmmmf! I want to gush about the ending so badly. That's what I really want to talk about.

In my head, I still haven't stopped squeeing.