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Splendor: A Luxe Novel

Splendor: A Luxe Novel - Anna Godbersen Splendor closes up all of the main characters' stories.

The main problem I had with this book...well, if you've read my review of Envy, and you've read this book, then you know what my problem was.

For those who have done neither, let's just say that what's supposed to be one of the biggest twists in the book was something I had already guessed by the ending of the third book. Instead of being horrified or feeling sorry for Elizabeth, I sort of slumped in defeat with the realization that yes, the series *was* that predictable.

Out of the remaining endings, I found that Lina's was the most fitting and satisfying. She finally reaches the heroine's fall arc of her story that Diana had predicted in the second book, and when it happens, what happens to Lina isn't horrible, but it is fair given how she'd been acting since leaving the Holland's employ. Her story ends with her doing what she should have done from the beginning.

Diana's ending was a bit anti-climatic, especially after how much her and Henry's relationship had been built up, especially over the course of this book. But I can understand Diana's reasoning behind it. It was a very realistic ending to her story, which I can appreciate.

Penny and Henry's stories, as always, are closely tied to Diana's, and while both mature incredibly in the closing chapters of the book, it's still a fairly depressing end.

Let it never be said of this series that it chooses the easy "Happily Ever After" route for its characters. Every single person suffers for what they end up with, be it for better or worse.