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Killer Cupcakes

Killer Cupcakes - Leighann Dobbs Killer Cupcakes wasn't really long enough to build up suspense around Kevin's death and the murderer, so the plot was a bit rushed towards the end. Part of the allure of murder mysteries is being able to piece together who the killer is, and Lexy only has one interaction with the killer before everything falls into place, and she goes to confront them.

There's a coded notebook she gets sent that has information on why Kevin was killed, but it isn't used to figure out who the killer is - it doesn't even get decoded in the story. It's just kind of there, although I guess it did give the killer an excuse to knock Lexy out, leaving behind what she eventually uses to figure things out.

The story also has your typical insta-love between the main character (who is high on the list of suspects for the murder), and her next-door neighbor/the detective working the case. Oh, and the main character can eat nothing but sweets and never gains any weight, because metabolism!

I think she only ate one actual meal over the course of the book, which was a hamburger that her detective-neighbor treated her to. Otherwise, it was constantly eclairs, or cupcakes, or turnovers. I started wondering if she'd eat herself into a diabetic coma with how much sugar she consumes on a daily basis.

The reason I rated this as high as I did was because of the murder mystery solving grannies. The scene where they start pulling out iPads and looking up information relevant to the case online was beautiful.