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Delilah's Diary #1: A Sexy Journey

Delilah's Diary  #1: A Sexy Journey - Jasinda Wilder Well, that wasn't what I was expecting. Generally, these freebie romances on Amazon are just all about the sex. And you'd think that something called "A Sexy Journey" would be chock full of it. But shockingly, the book actually spent time developing the main character, following her as she slowly comes out of her sheltered lifestyle, and gradually builds up to a sex scene at the end.

It's just...I'm not used to so much character development in these sorts of books. Or any at all, really.

Delilah's a woman from a small town, and after finding out that pretty much every woman her age has slept with her husband at some point, while she's been the perfect little wife, she just snaps. She grabs everything she owns, empties her bank account, and takes off.

She meets an older woman on the bus to Chicago, who advises her to go out and live, especially since Delilah's never even kissed a man who wasn't her husband. Delilah takes the woman's words to heart, gets a complete makeover, and decides that she's going to have fun for once in her life.

Just not too much fun.

As she sees more of the world, Delilah starts to shed off the outdated prejudices she was raised to believe, and starts letting people and situations speak for themselves.

I would also like to congratulate the book for only using the phrase "down there" once.