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Falling for the Alphas: Part One

Falling for the Alphas: Part One - Cassie Wright I swear, I'm going to start up a list of rules that govern werewolf romance stories.

I am. I'm going to start keeping track of these things.

Rule #1 - Werewolf babies solve everything.
Rule #2 - Mating with two Alpha wolves always works out perfectly.
Rule #2.5 - In cases where there are two Alpha males, one is always more human, the other is always more wolf.
Rule #3 - Werewolves desire women with curves, because female werewolves are all lean and muscular.
Rule #4 - Werewolves cannot breed with other werewolves.
Rule #5 - It's rutting season.

This short gets bonus points for having a story besides "she has to mate with two hot werewolves". The sex is still very much the main point of the story, though.

It was interesting to see the feral pack becoming more wolf and less human the longer they stayed away from their home, slowly losing their ability to rationalize and think outside of their animal natures.