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Rumors (Luxe, #2) - Anna Godbersen

Rumors - Anna Godbersen


Unsurprisingly, Rumors is more of the same of The Luxe. Except there's more plot insanity, con artists, and whining about love, with less female friendliness. If that's even possible.

Elizabeth's ex-maid, Lina, has set herself up as a lady, and finds backing to make her lie believable.

Tristan, the assistant from that one popular department store, reveals to Lina that he's really a con artist who helps ladies get ahead in society, and then accepts presents from them to sell.

Penelope resorts to blackmail in a last-ditch effort to get Henry.

And rumors that Elizabeth isn't really dead abound.

There wasn't quite as much going on in the beginning of this one as there was in the first book. It took its time establishing each of the five characters, and their story lines. But once everything was properly set up the plot went insane, and slowly the story lines converged, leading up to that ending.

I will give the series this - the books have managed to have incredibly heartbreaking endings so far. This would have been another three star book for me, if it weren't for the ending.


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