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Benkyou No Jikan - Minami Touko

勉強の時間↑ [Benkyou No Jikan] - Touko Minami

A cute collection of three shoujo stories. The artwork is absolutely adorable! Of course, it doesn't hurt that I'm a sucker for a good romantic shoujo.

The stories are pretty short, so instead of just reviewing them, I'll also give a plot synopsis for each one. Just to pad things out. Because really, I could sum up this book with just the above paragraph.

Story #1 - Study Time

It's your typical love story - girl is failing class, begs smartest boy in class to help her so she doesn't end up getting held back. Friends worry about her, because the guy has emo hair. Girl is scared of boy at first, but calms down and finds that she can focus and understand math when he explains it to her. Girl suggests boy gets a haircut so he can see when he drops things, and he takes her advice, and is suddenly a hunk.

Boy suddenly becomes popular with the other girls in the class, and girl has to fight to keep everyone else away while she tries to study in earnest. Other girl steps in and takes boy away, and girl realizes that she loves boy.

Girl passes test. Girl goes to the library, sad that their lessons together are over. Boy ducks into library to escape crazed fan girls, and pulls girl underneath a table to hide with him, and then confesses that he doesn't want their time together to end.

The ending would have felt a bit stronger to me, if it had been phrased differently. I mean, the intent is clear - he's asking her out. But he doesn't come out and say that.


Story #2 - So, Stand by Me

This is the story of a girl and a pair of twins. Twins who somehow get mistaken for each other, despite having completely different hair colors.


The girl is in love with the darker haired twin, who has recently started avoiding her by getting a part-time job at a restaurant.

And uh oh! It turns out he's working with a girl from his class. AND they're dating!

She thinks that maybe she still has a chance, but nope. The story ends with her moving on, probably with the other twin.


Story #3 - Green Days

The cattiness gets turned all the way up in this story. (Because it's not a slice of life romance manga until someone gets tacks put in their shoes!)

Rui gets ostracized by her classmates because her best friend's boyfriend set her up, making it look like she was meeting with him behind her best friend's back. All of the girls in her class spent the rest of the year mocking her, and she was left to deal with it all by herself until a boy named Akito started hanging out with her.

Rui and Akito go to a different high school than the rest of their class, and Rui is convinced she can have a fresh start. She even makes a female friend on her first day of school.


Her new friend has a crush on Akito. Of course.

So, Rui has to decide which is more important - her relationship with her friend, or her love for Akito.

And then it ends up being a non-issue. And they lived happily ever after!