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Reveal (Paranormal Romance) (Cryptid Tales)

Reveal (Paranormal Romance) (Cryptid Tales) - Brina Courtney Reveal was...okay. It was a bit less focused on romance than I was expecting it to be. The whole "I see dead people" approach was also done differently than I had expected it to be. Were the differences good? In some ways yes, in other ways...well, not so much.

I was expecting Reveal to be a lot more romance driven than it was. That was something I actually liked about the book. While yes, it did have the "love at first sight, soulmates forever" aspect that gets a bit obnoxious after a while, it wasn't the main focus of the story. A lot more time was spent setting Shay up as a character. Hugh was almost an afterthought, it seemed. And I liked that. It was nice for our heroine to have a life and identity set up that didn't entirely revolve around Hugh. And when the focus of the story *was* actually on the relationship between Hugh and Shay, they actually spoke to each other, and got to know each other before they fell in love. There was an initial attraction, sure, but that wasn't all there was to their relationship.

The talking to ghosts bit didn't thrill me as much, and it was why I had decided to read the book in the first place. For starters, very little ghost-talking happens in the book. Shay only talks to ghosts when it directly influences the plot. Otherwise, they don't get mentioned at all. The explanation for HOW she can talk to ghosts was also disappointing. (Just fyi: drinking cat blood does not change your DNA. Or give you magical, ghost-talking powers.)

The villain was barely existant. He showed up for maybe five pages, and then ran off to lick his wounds. The whole book is really just a character study of Shay. And I actually didn't mind that. I feel that the book would have been a lot better if it had focused less on the supernatural elements, and spent more time just following Shay around.

Also book, you lose points for ending on a horrible cliff-hanger. Shame on you.