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The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 3: Ashes

The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book 3: Ashes - Abigail Hilton I read this book in a single sitting. Once I started it, I refused to put it down. Maybe because of this, it felt like it was way too short. At least Ashes didn't end on the same sort of cliffhanger that Flames did. I'm still not over that ending. That was SO unfair. This book worked hard to make up for that cliffhanger, though.

There were no chapter opening quotes from Gwain, which felt a bit strange after getting used to them from the first two books. But this isn't Gwain's story. He makes an appearance, yes, but this book was much more focused on building the characters of Gerard, Silveo, and Dakar. I was so happy that despite how things looked, the Gerard/Silveo relationship wasn't over.

Where the first two books were filled to the brim with action, Ashes sort of took a more relaxed approach to storytelling. While a lot still happens in this book, it's not all constant action. In fact, most of the story is just people talking to each other. You learn a *lot* about the various characters in this book. New characters are introduced, old characters are better explained. This was a very character-heavy story.

Silveo and Gerard...there were points where I was on the verge of crying because of those two. I'm incredibly happy that they got everything sorted out. Well, up to a certain point, at any rate.

I'd say that I'm moving on to the next book, but I put off writing this review so that I could sit and read the fourth book. Eventually though, duty calls, and I really need to write these things before I forget half of what I meant to say about them.