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Blood Faerie - Urban Fantasy (Caledonia Fae, Book 1)

Blood Faerie - India Drummond Blood Faerie was a decent urban fantasy/mystery story. The whole human/faerie buddy cop team was hilarious. Well, it wasn't necessarily funny in the context of the story, but I thought the idea was funny. I could totally see a spin-off show based on Munro and Eilidh.

I enjoyed the descriptions of the fae and their magic. It's always nice to see books where faeries are given proper respect, and not reduced to tiny, Tinkerbell-like creatures. It's one of the few book trends in recent years that I've fully supported. "Faerie" covers a wide variety of magical creatures. It's so boring to just stick with the image of tiny, winged women.

Munro and Eilidh were fun as the main focus of the story, though it would have been nice to see more of them interacting with each other. As far as introductions go, though, theirs was pretty good. I also loved the bundle of insanity that was Cridhe, and, again, I wish more of the story had been focused on him. For instance, why did he see his dead father, and did the ghost not remember that Cridhe killed him? Why was his father exiled? Do any of the other fae remember him? How did Cridhe manage to find so many druids? I guess all of that wasn't essential to the plot, but I really would have liked to find out the answers to those questions.

The ending closes up the plot for this book nicely, while leaving enough of an opening for more books in the series. I'd definitely read more, just for the buddy cop aspect.