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Tea With Emma (The Teacup Novellas - Book One)

Tea With Emma (The Teacup Novellas - Book One) - Diane Moody This was a nice, short romance story. It was Christian, without being overbearing about the fact. I've read books that are MUCH more heavy-handed with throwing in Christianity.

It was also Jane Austen inspired, without making me hate Jane Austen. It was nice to see that with so many romances these days influenced by her work.

The characters...well, okay. The main couple were definitely Jane Austen inspired. But otherwise, I didn't want to bludgeon anyone. And with the books I've been reading lately, that's definitely saying something.

If I *did* have to gripe about anything, it would be the sudden shift in Ian's character. I understand that he let go of his anger and whatnot...but it just felt like an unbelievable shift in character. Part of that might be because the story takes place over a few months, but we're only given small chunks at a time, and most of the story is from Maddie's perspective. So we don't get much time in Ian's head, watching the change happen.

I liked the way the story was set up - each book in the series is tied together through the overlying story of the author writing the stories. I promise, that sentence makes more sense when you're actually reading the book.

Not sure if I'd get the rest in the series - I really only got this one because it was free on Amazon. And for that, it wasn't bad at all.