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Supernatural Wedding Planner

Supernatural Wedding Planner - Tina Genick This is a sampler for Supernatural Wedding Planner. The book is due out in...June or July, I believe it was? Something like that.

The book has a fun premise. Vampyres and Werewolves come out to the world, and the world has to deal with that reality. And there's something about a wedding planning agency.

There needs to be some serious work done here, though. The few pages this e-book contains are littered with spelling and grammatical errors, sentences that don't have an ending, and hastily thrown-in plot progressions.

Here's some direct quotes from the book:

"You've got to be kidding' me, right? Come on people, are you that diluted to start believing' in faery tales?"

It seems that things of fictional lore were in fact real after all. This broadcast has been a special report on the local television all morning.

He looked like a pastor or priest or at least the white color identified him as one.

"But really? Vampyre's and Werewolves? And to spring the news on a full moon? Talk about creepy" she rolled her big blue eyes, "Anyways, what time will you be done tonight? I'm really feeling like goin' out. It's time we get our dancin' shoes on!"

She sounded a bit snotty about it, but that's just to show her arrogance that once again, I would not be able to accompany her out to some little bar and hit on cute guys in cowboy hats and tight jeans that showed off their perfect butts.

Her ebony hair the flowed down to her waist, her piercing black eyes and porcelain skin.

Although a little on the heavier side and he has thick, curly ash brown hair.

The book has promise. It's hard to go wrong with stories about supernatural wedding planners, or dating agencies. And the dress on the cover is *gorgeous*. This book seriously needs a sit down with an editor before it comes out, though.