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Boxed Set: A Possessive Billionaire - Vol. 1-3: His, Body and Soul

Boxed Set: A Possessive Billionaire - Vol. 1-3: His, Body and Soul - Olivia Dean "A Possessive Billionaire is the most sensational sensual novel to have been released since Fifty Shades of Grey."

Have you read 50 Shades? Yes?

Then congratulations! You've read this book.

There's a difference between being inspired by something, and outright copying it. When I got this set, I believed it was inspired by 50 Shades...but as I read on, it became obvious that this was a case of the latter.

The main characters are named Emma and Charles. Which are *nothing at all* like Anna and Christian.

But, okay. So their names are phonetically similar the the characters in 50 Shades. Look! Emma's going to school in Paris to study feminism! She's nothing at all like Anna, with her constant withering judgement of other women!

Oh, wait. Except that Emma totally is. The few women Emma gets close to in the story are initially written-off by Emma as bimbos, because of how they look. Emma even wonders if one of them is a high-class Parisian hooker! (To be fair, the idea is introduced by Emma's "bimbo" friend and dismissed by Emma at first, but she does go back and dwell on it for quite a while. Until she, you know. Actually talks to the woman.)

Emma's cousin, who moves away to get married and live with her new husband, manages to escape Emma's misogyny at first, until Emma starts wondering if it was common practice for the master of the house to take sexual advantage of his maids.

This book also contains an elevator sex scene, a barely avoided sex scene in a private room of a fancy restaurant, and basically the scene in 50 Shades of Gray where Christian "rescues" Anna from Jose, only with a coked-up creeper instead of a drunken photographer. Bonus points for the fact that Charles gets Emma breakfast the next morning, and makes her eat.

There's also a kind-of sort-of BDSM element going on, but it's barely touched on at all. The book starts to try to tackle Emma's struggle between her beliefs in the empowerment of women and her pleasure from submitting to Charles in the bedroom, and if it had actually followed through on that internal struggle, the book would have been much more interesting! Instead, the scene gets brushed aside and used to show that something happened in Charles' past that's stopping him from having an actual relationship with Emma.

I love how blase everyone is with the big reveal, too.

This book had potential. I would have loved to see it focus more on the issue of feminism vs a submissive sexual relationship. In the end, though, it was just 50 Shades of Delmonte.