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The Bridge of Snow: A Tor.Com Original

The Bridge of Snow: A Tor.Com Original - Marie Rutkoski This was a prequel done right - I went in, knowing absolutely nothing about the story in the first book, but was drawn into the story nonetheless.

Bridge of Snow is both a fairy tale set in the world of [b:The Winner's Curse|16069030|The Winner's Curse (The Winner's Trilogy, #1)|Marie Rutkoski|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1377023523s/16069030.jpg|21861552], and a story about the character of Arin, who from what I can tell, is one of the main characters in the first book. This story is set years before The Winner's Curse.

Since I haven't read the first book, I don't really know anything about Arin. But it doesn't matter. Because the main focus of the story is the fairy tale about the Bridge of Snow. And the fairy tale is awesome.

The Bridge of Snow is the story of how the stars were put in the sky. It involves charcoal drawings, a goatherd, a snow god, and a jealous moon. And pain. Lots and lots of pain.

I went out and got the first book. There might be more to say here after I've seen Arin in action.