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Brimstone and Marmalade: A Tor.Com Original

Brimstone and Marmalade: A Tor.Com Original - Aaron Corwin In the long run, Matty was better off getting a demon instead of a pony. You don't have to have a cutting-out party for a demon.

...wait a second. I think I'm mixing up my Tor shorts here.

Brimstone and Marmalade was a touching short story. Ix'Thor was absolutely freaking adorable, and it was cute watching Matty grow attached to the Miniature Dark Lord, despite the fact that he wasn't what she had in mind as far as birthday presents go.


“You shouldn’t actually bow,” Mathilde said. “That just encourages him.”

“Oh, man!” Robby was practically hopping up and down. “He’s so awesome! I want a demon too!”

“I can’t have one,” Suzy said. “My mom’s allergic to demons.”

I know what you mean, Robby.

It's hilarious watching the demons being compared to pets. Well, I mean...in the story's universe demons are pets. It's the delivery...the deadpan portrayal of these evil, monstrous creatures as nothing more than glorified hamsters that makes the dialogue so amusing. They get Ix'Thor a demonic hamster ball, for crying out loud!

The story does a great job of building up the relationship between Matty and Ix'Thor. It's impressive how the ending makes you feel for a character that had so few lines of dialogue. I've read entire books that don't manage to build that level of connection to a character.