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The Litany of Earth: A Tor.Com Original

The Litany of Earth: A Tor.Com Original - Ruthanna Emrys Oh, Lovecraft...

The Litany of Earth was wonderful - it was a reference-filled tribute to Lovecraft, while attempting to be more racially sensitive than Lovecraft ever was. I say "attempting" because it compares the fictional struggle of the Deep Ones to what Japanese Americans went through during World War II.

(To be fair, it still manages to be more sensitive than any of Lovecraft's stories. If Lovecraft had written it, I'm pretty sure there would have been more descriptions about how shifty Aphra's adopted family was.)

It also *gasp!* has a female lead who isn't pure evil, or out to destroy the world. Even if she IS a demonic fish monster.

The story itself was interesting, being a sort of sequel to The Shadow Over Innsmouth. There were plenty of little nods to other Lovecraftian ideas - the various titles and authors pointed out in the bookshop, Cthulhu, Yith (hooray, Yith love!), shoggoths, Mi-go, the Elder Ones, Miskatonic University, and the Arkham Asylum...

You'll definitely get more out of this story if you're familiar with the Lovecraft mythos.

If not, it's definitely a good, atmospheric piece.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go back to listening to A Shoggoth on the Roof.