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Destiny Rising

Destiny Rising - L.J. Smith This is what I hope will be the last Vampire Diaries book. But, somehow I very seriously doubt it.

Destiny Rising covers Elena's return to power, and her finally making a choice between Damon and Stefan. Which was never an issue in the original series that Return and Hunters were based on. They really didn't need to drag that relationship on for so long. If the idea was to make a suspenseful love triangle, they didn't do a very good job of it. All it ended up doing was making any scene with Elena, Stefan or Damon in it annoying and painful to read through.

But, to the book itself.

Destiny Rising brings back Klaus as the villain. At least Return was creative, and brought in someone new...the villains were wonderfully evil, and original. After reading the ending of Destiny, I saw why they would have brought Klaus back, but the payout really wasn't worth it. I will give it credit for coming up with a twist that I didn't see coming, though.

The whole break-up drama with Bonnie and Zander was pretty annoying, too. All I could think while I was reading it was, "Unbridgable gap with your werewolf boyfriend? It's been established that if you have his werewolf babies, you'll become a werewolf yourself. Problem solved!" They really, really didn't need to throw that drama in. It didn't add anything to the story.

The complete 180 on how power effects vampires in sunlight was confusing. The reason they managed to defeat Katherine in the first trilogy was because of how powerful she was. Her power made her more vulnerable to moving water and sunlight. But in this book Stefan goes to see Klaus during the day, and it's explained that Klaus is stronger than Stefan during the day because he's a stronger vampire, and more immune to the sunlight. Umm...what?

I did enjoy the closure with Tyler and Caroline. I didn't think they would even be mentioned again. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they finally got an ending to their story.

Overall, it wasn't a *bad* book. It wasn't a good book. But it was readable.