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I've been reading since I was 3, and I haven't seen any reason to stop. I'll read pretty much anything I can get my hands on, though I will admit to a crippling addiction to fantasy and YA books.

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The Wild's Call

The Wild's Call - Jeri Smith-Ready This is another one of those books where maybe it would make more sense if I'd read the series first.

The premise of the book is that the world suffers some apocalyptic event, and people struggle every day to survive. Our two main characters are spoken to by spirit animals, and led to a place where the great spirit has decided to rebuild humanity. Each member of this new community has a spirit animal that represents them, and gives them powers in some way. IE: the Bear is strong, and the Fox is sneaky.

I think it's a really cool premise. It's kind of like an apocalyptic Golden Compass.

It was short, and it didn't answer very many questions. But, like I said, I'd probably have been better off if I'd read the actual series first.

Didn't see why the very brief sex scene was necessary, but whatever.