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A Hint of Frost

A Hint of Frost - Hailey Edwards I didn't really understand this book.

I mean, I got that it's part romance, part fantasy, part murder mystery...but what the hell were the characters? At first I thought they were just some sort of magic race, but then there was mention of fangs, and poison and silk spinning from their fingertips...are they some sort of spiders? Like, half-human, half-spiders? Not all of them can spin, but they all have silk spinners in their fingers...I just...I just don't know.

To be honest, I didn't pay too much attention to what went on in this book. I was too busy trying to figure out what they are.

Like...the ones that can't spin. What kind of spider doesn't make a web? Some of them eat human flesh. I thought that the cannibalism would make the book better, but it just confused things even more. Is everyone the same species, and they're just different races? Why are some of them poisonous, and others not? Is it uncomfortable to have a venom sac in your mouth? How do you get rid of unwanted venom? One of the characters had this insanely powerful venom, and he had to secretly dispose of it so nobody took his poison to use, even though that ended up happening anyway. But how would one get rid of extra venom? Does he milk himself, or have someone else come in and milk him? ...would you milk their fangs, or does it come right out of the venom sac? Is it like milking snakes? Maybe they're part spider, part human, part snake. Unless spiders have fangs you can milk. I don't know much about spiders.

I suppose this review's gotten a bit out of hand...but this is why I couldn't focus on the book. The story sort of took a back seat to all the questions I had about the characters in the story that never got answered, or even addressed.