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Yellow Crocus

Yellow Crocus - Laila Ibrahim I hold the belief that fantasy books aren't truly depressing. Fantasy stories are exactly that. They're not real, nor were they ever. While they can cover depressing topics, like the Half-Orcs series, you know that there were never really orcs going around, murdering children.

Books like Yellow Crocus, however, are absolutely depressing. While the story itself may not have really happened, the terrible things that happen, the prejudice, the beliefs were all once entirely real. It's a look back on one of humanity's most horrible periods.

I must say that this was very well written, for Ibrahim's first novel. The story ranged from sad, to hopeful, to heart-warming...and while I would have loved to hear more about Elizabeth after she moved to Ohio, her redemption as a character was wonderful to see. It's not a perfect ending, either...it's not happily ever after. While Elizabeth may have changed, the world around her doesn't. I appreciate realism in stories like this.

There could have been more Mattie. I understand why there's no mention of her after she escapes, but the years apart from her make you wonder what she'd been up to all that time. It's a good sign that you've written your characters well when people wonder what's going on in their lives when they're not in the plot.

I'm going to leave this review at that.