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Falstaff's Big Gamble

Falstaff's Big Gamble - Hank Quense I first read the description of this book on Amazon and thought, "I HAVE to read this." I was expecting the book to be goofy, and it was. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

Gundarland is a sort of amalgam of several fantasy worlds - part LotR, part Shakespearean, part stereotypical fantasy realm. Really, the story didn't even have to take the characters from Hamlet and Othello. It would have been funny enough on its own. But, there were plenty of Shakespeare jokes, and they were well-exectued. Even if you haven't read Hamlet or Othello, you'd still be able to pick up on the jokes: Halmet lamenting "to bee keep or not to bee keep" for instance.

Personally, I couldn't stop laughing at the half-pints and their decorative toe-hair.

The best comparison I can make is that this book reminded me a lot of Terry Pratchett's writing. If you enjoy that sort of parody fantasy story, you'll probably enjoy this book.

I'm definitely going to hunt down more of Mr. Quense's writing. I was reading the descriptions of some of his other books, and they all sound equally awesome.