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Endless Magic

Endless Magic - Rachel Higginson Finally, resolution! It's been quite a ride, but I was very satisified with how things ended. I'm such a sap.

I loved, loved, LOVED how much Kiran grew as a character. Getting to see the man he became made me incredibly happy. And not just him...a lot of characters dramatically matured in this book. Sebastian, Seraphina, Jericho...I was proud when Jericho stepped up and did what had to be done. I'm looking at you, awkward love-triangle.

Once more though, Eden...oh, Eden. If you would just pay more attention to what's going on, you could have spared yourself SO much trouble. Really. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what Kiran was doing. Especially when it's an almost constant string of events.

There were still quite a few typos in this book...I guess I'll just start writing those off as staples of the series. It wouldn't be a "Star-Crossed" book without three or four typos left in.

As for the plot, there was a lot of pointlessness. Especially since Eden was so incredibly in the dark about what was going on. It made a few parts of the book slow - not because what was happening wasn't interesting, but because a lot of it was just Eden trying to figure out what exactly was going on. I'd say about half of this book was Eden going, "Wait...what?"

A fourth of this book was dance parties or school-related.

Lucan became just downright despicable, which was awesome to see in a villain. Before, he was just sort of petty. In this book, he became a monster - a worthy tyrant to overthrow.

I very much enjoyed reading this book, though. I do so enjoy happy endings. [Cue Book #5.]