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The Steele Wolf

The Steele Wolf - Chanda Hahn Steele Wolf was so much better than the first book in the series. It only took me two hours to read, I devoured it so fast!

There was much more characterization put into this book. I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized that. Even characters that aren't around for the entire story (Thalia's father, the rest of their clan, the people in Skyfell) are described more than any of the main characters were in the first book. It was nice to see improvement there.

We were also finally allowed to see the main characters' histories. Thalia regains her memory, we learn more about Kael, and we find out that Joss actually has a family. There's also finally an explanation of who the villains are, what they're are doing to the people they kidnap, and why Kael seems to be stalking Thalia.

Skyfell was a fun city. I loved the fun descriptions of the city and its transportation.

Now, if only that obnoxious love triangle would end! (I may be a bit biased in this case, though. I'm totally rooting for Kael.)

I'm very much looking forward to the next book! Now, I just have to wait for it to actually come out...