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I've been reading since I was 3, and I haven't seen any reason to stop. I'll read pretty much anything I can get my hands on, though I will admit to a crippling addiction to fantasy and YA books.

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The Queen of Minor Disasters

The Queen of Minor Disasters - Antonietta Mariottini I really shouldn't have read this book on an empty stomach. I can't begin to cook any of the recipes thrown in at the end of each chapter, but they made me soooo hungry.

The Queen of Minor Disasters was a light, fun read. I was expecting it to be more focused on romance. It wasn't. I mean, romance is a big part of the book, but it's not the sole focus. I enjoyed that. Instead of spending every moment she had throwing herself at men to fix what's wrong in her life, Stella works on improving herself. Even when she finds Mr. Right, she doesn't immediately settle down with him - she wants to travel, and try out baking school.

Although to be honest, I think I enjoyed the recipes at the end of each chapter more than I did the story itself. Not that I'm all that interested in recipes - I don't even known what a double boiler is. But the way the recipes were presented, and Stella's snappy remarks that were thrown in just made me break into uncontrollable fits of giggling.

I especially liked the recipe for birthday sticky buns. "1) Decide that you are not cooking on your birthday..."