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Clockwise  - Elle Strauss Clockwise was a fun book to read. Casey was a fairly amusing character, and the various twists and turns the story took kept things interesting. I loved the ending! I did not see that one coming at all.

The writing was very nice (no typos!), and the plot was interesting. It's definitely a book more targeted at girls, though. And Casey's legendary fights with her hair got a bit annoying after a while. There are only so many times you can use the "it takes this much hair product to keep my hair manageable!" line before people start wanting to bludgeon your character.

Casey and Nate were...okay as a couple. I'm not sure "I started getting interested in you when I found out you uncontrollably travel through time" is a pick-up line that should make a girl proud, but if it works for Casey...good for her? They went through a lot together, sure, but it should be a bit insulting when your time travel powers are the thing that makes someone fall in love with you. Who needs personality or looks when you can randomly jump back in time?

I wonder what became of Robert...

It was nice to see that Casey wasn't alone in her strange power, but I'd liked to have read more about Samuel and Adeline. The third book in the series is about Adeline, so perhaps their stories will get told.