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The Fox's Quest

The Fox's Quest - Anna Frost This book was more focused on Sanae than it did on Akakiba and Yuki. That was a bit disappointing. However, this book provided a lot more action and plot progression than the first one did. So, I guess it all sort of evened out.

It took most of two books, but by the end of Fox's Quest, you finally find out what the major conflict of the series is. I have to admit, that was pretty cool. But then, once again...kitsune fangirl. I'm totally prejudiced.

I really would have enjoyed if the book had focused on Akakiba and Yuki more. They spent a lot of the book misunderstanding each other, or just not talking to each other. By the time they finally talk out their differences, and their relationship mends, the book is practically over. I was pleased that that whole situation redeemed itself (to me, at least) in this book.

It was left to Sanae to be the comic relief, and I will admit that some of those scenes were funny. Her campaign of terror against the shinobi was just priceless.

This book, unlike the first one, ended on a cliffhanger.

I do have to wonder why all of the fighting was necessary. The Fox Clan was attacked in the first book because the person in charge wasn't sure if they were in league with the actual villains. Okay...why not try asking them, or confronting them about it? Instead, they attempt complete genocide against the foxes without knowing which side they were on. The clan is famous for demon-slaying - it might have been a good idea to ask if they would help before trying to completely wipe them out. Not the best way to make friends, or find a champion for your cause.

I hope I won't have to wait till next year for the last book. I want resolution - to Akakiba and Yuki's relationship, to the conflict, to everything.