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Flames  - Abigail Hilton This was a *much* easier read than Embers was, mostly because I didn't have to spend half the book trying to figure out which shelt was which.

There was a lot more interaction between Gerard and Silveo - if not the quantity of interaction, than at least the quality of it. I still say that their relationship is the best part of this series. A lot of work was put into writing those two characters, and it definitely shows. Their interactions range from hilarious to heartbreaking at the drop of a colorful, multi-feathered hat. Shinies.

Gwain was also more developed as a character in this book. While you were given glimpses of him in Embers, the best look you got at him was through the book notes that opened each chapter. In Flames, he's actually a part of the story. You get to learn about where he comes from, and everything. And, of course, each chapter continues with an excerpt from his various books.

Flames had a lot more action in it than Embers did, but that's understandable. Embers had an entire world and plot to set up - it didn't have time to focus on *just* the story. It's the superhero movie problem...the second one is always better, because the first already took care of establishing who the characters are, and how the universe works. I won't judge Embers too harshly because of that...but Flames was definitely more interesting.

I want to bludgeon the way this book ended. CLIFFHANGERS...really, really badly timed cliffhangers. That was low, book. You can't just end there. You can't. There should be a law against that kind of cliffhanger. However, I already went out and bought the final three books in the series. Your cliffhangers have no power over me now, books!!! D8<