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Shores Beyond the World

Shores Beyond the World - Abigail Hilton I knew. I knew from the second I started this book that even in the end, everything would come to a cliffhanger. There's even a little epilogue written at cowrycatchers.com that ties absolutely nothing up. This had better not be the end of Gerard and Silveo's story. Even though technically, it is.

For a minute at the end, I was truly worried. I didn't think it would really end. I was convinced that there would be another book that I'd have to wait for. The truth wasn't much better - the story is tied up, all right, but so much is left open. What about the Firebird? What happens after the ending? Is the world thrown into chaos from the sudden power-lapse? Does someone else just rise to replace the villain? Silveo...how? None of these questions, and more, are left unanswered.

I don't like books that end with cliffhanger. This series seems to have been an exception. Yes, I was screaming in rage each time a book cut off in the middle of a really dramatic moment, but I suppose it was a bit easier on me that I came into the series after it had already all been published. While the cliffhangers were there, they didn't really matter, since I could just pick up the next book immediately. And the cliffhanger at the very end...while it bothers me that so much is left unanswered, a part of me is a bit relieved. With the open way the story ends, there's plenty of room left for more adventures. While the series has ended, the adventures have not. That's the feeling I got from the ending of Shores Beyond the World, at any rate.

It was nice finally getting to know what Sky Town was. It only took Gerard, what...five books to learn the truth? To be honest, I had almost forgotten about that, what with everything else going on.

Gerard's closure with his family also left me with warm fuzzies. While they don't entirely approve of his actions, they at least still care about him, and are willing to set aside their problems to welcome him back. It shows that even though they were barely in the series, they've grown a lot as characters. That was really nice to see.

The closure with Alsair was...I'm just glad there was closure. I won't go into everything that happens, because there are SO many spoilers attached to that. I'll just leave it at that.

There's another series by Abigail Hilton set in the same world, and of course, plenty of side stories about the characters and the world in general. When I can actually afford more books, I'm most definitely going to pick those up, although it'll feel a bit weird to be reading a story without Silveo and Gerard in it. But, they had a good run, I suppose. I just really hope that their story isn't over for good.