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The Dream (Everyday Magic Trilogy: Book Two)

The Dream (Everyday Magic Trilogy: Book Two) - Sophie Nicholls Part of me knew that I wouldn't like The Dream as much as I liked The Dress. The other part of me enjoyed this book a lot more than I'd expected to.

The Dream is a continuation of The Dress, but it's also a mixing of stories, and a bit of a prequel thrown in for good measure. Not only do we get to continue Fabbia and Ella's story, but we get to finally meet Fabbia's grandmother, and we're introduced to a new cast with their own quirks and problems as well. And of course, the story is a beautiful blend of real life and fairy tales.

At points, The Dream almost felt like a contradiction. The message of the story is that the most powerful magic comes from listening to yourself, and trusting yourself. And yet, every step of the way, the characters are consulting a book of magic or finding and using various spells. So clearly, the strongest magic isn't listening to yourself - it's actual magic.

I can overlook a lot of that though, simply due to the writing. Sophie Nicholls is an awesome, awesome poet. She writes so well, you almost don't notice things like that contradiction.

I'm also still waiting on that resolution with Fabbia and David. I notice that that didn't get answered in any way, shape, or form. Everybody elses' stories were all tied up, and resolved. I mean, I suppose that's where The Glass will be going. I just really don't like unresolved conflicts. I do believe I've mentioned something similar before. *coughs*

Well, I've still got a while to wait for The Glass.