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Six Moon Summer

Six Moon Summer  - S.M. Reine This was a pretty refreshing book. There were bits that were frustrating, but it was nice to see that not only was our female protagonist a strong character, but she was a werewolf...not just a normal girl who falls in love with a werewolf.

I liked the various relationships going on in this book. Rylie and her dad, Rylie and Seth, Cassidy and...well, I'm getting into spoiler territory now.

My biggest problem with this book is one that I always have with these types of books. Especially books that try to reinforce the idea that this is happening in the real world. And that problem is that people do NOT act like Amber and Patricia. I don't know, maybe I just lucked out when I was a kid, but even when I was bullied at my worst, nobody treated me that way. It just kills immersion for me when people hate the main character for no real reason. Seriously. What reason did they have to treat Rylie the way they did? Where's the justification? Maybe they were going through tough times, and just needed a way to vent. That would have been an acceptable explanation for their bullying. But no expalanation is given. They just bully Rylie...because.

I enjoyed the moral struggle Rylie went through as she changed - being a vegetarian at the beginning, with the wolf urging her to go against everything she believed. I thought that her struggle was a very interesting idea, and one I don't see touched on very often in books in general, let alone in a werewolf book.

I wish we could have found out more about Seth and his family in this book, but there's going to be more, so I suppose we'll get that eventually. He was definitely a cool character.