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Fauns and Filinians (Prophet of Panamindorah #1)

Fauns and Filinians (Prophet of Panamindorah #1) - Abigail Hilton I didn't manage to get as hooked into Fauns and Filinians as I did the Cowry Catcher series. Probably because Cowry Catcher had pirates. And Silveo.

Prophet has a slightly different cast of shelts and beasts than Cowry Catchers did, mostly due to the stories taking place in very different parts and times of Panamindorah. It was weird only hearing grishnards mentioned in passing, though I loved the image of deer mounts! It was also nice to actually see wolflings, and a cast of filinians (talking cats - cat shelts are extinct at this point).

I was a tad confused about the timeline between the two series at first. Cowry Catchers clearly has cat shelts, but wolflings are extinct, while in Prophet, the exact opposite is true. Morchella is also there, and the grishnard reference was to the war fought with the fauns, so I was able to conclude that Prophecy takes place before Cowry Catchers. (I was also probably told that already, and just forgot. @_@)

Apparently Earth exists, and there's been at least some degree of contact between the real world and Panamindorah. That was a little strange. I mean, it makes sense. Centaurs, satyrs, fauns...that sort of thing being mythological creatures on Earth and all. It was just a bit weird to start off on Earth and suddenly be introduced to Panamindorah. Then again, this is the first Panamindorah book, so it makes sense that there would need to be some sort of transition from normalcy, and a "human" character the reader can relate to, before jumping right into this world that requires you to look up various terms to figure out what exactly is going on.

As for the characters...Syrill was fun, but Corry was a bit boring. I'm sure he'll get more interesting once he finally remembers who or what he was. I also enjoyed Laylan and Shyshax. But then, I'm *always* prejudiced towards foxes. I was also getting interested in Char's story, which was told in bits and pieces before taking a back seat to the main plot entirely. I want to know more about Char! I guess I'll have to wait till I get paid, and can buy more books.

And The Prince's Magical Gallows? So much fun.

I do have to wonder why Corry never uses his vibration-hearing powers after he gets back to Panamindorah. They probably would have been very useful at several points in the story.

I also note that the tradition of ending every book in a terrible cliffhanger was started early on. Once more, I tip my hat to you, oh Queen of Cliffhangers. *bows*