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A Single Thread

A Single Thread - Marie Bostwick I picked up A Single Thread because it looked a lot like The Dress by Sophie Nicholls, minus the magic. I really enjoyed The Dress, so I figured I'd go a head and give this book a try.

It was...different than I'd expected. The main plot focuses on Evelyn's fight against breast cancer, and how she overcomes her struggles with help from her newfound friends, quilting, and just a bit of luck. Of course, that's only the main plot - there are several side plots that help keep the story interesting through the entire book.

The POV switches between Evelyn Dixon and Abigail Burgess Wynne, the two characters who grow and change the most throughout the story. I liked how the story rotated between the two women, because while Evelyn's story was tragic and inspiring, Abigail's was just as much so. Neither of them start off as terrible people, but they both definitely change for the better by the end of the book.

There was an underlying Christian message to the book, but the religious aspect of it all wasn't shoved down your throat. It didn't feel like the author was sitting there, screaming, "BELIEVE IN GOD AND EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT PERFECTLY!!!" Instead, the book admits that things aren't always perfect, believing in a religion or not. But it's getting through the hard times that make us enjoy the peaceful ones all the more, and shape who we are as a person.

I enjoyed the various relationships in the book. Everyone was well-written, and I understand the author when she says she could write more books about the people of New Bern. They certainly seem worth writing and reading about.