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Wolflings and Wizards (Prophet of Panamindorah #2)

Wolflings and Wizards (Prophet of Panamindorah #2) - Abigail Hilton The plot in Wolflings and Wizards is definitely a lot more fast-paced than it was in Fauns and Filinians. From the first sentence, it's pretty much non-stop action. The book also breaks off and covers several different events happening at the same time - Corry and the cubs, Syrill and Lexis, Jubal, Chance and Laylan, the wolflings...so much going on to keep track of! It's not even really a matter of plots and subplots, because everything directly effects the storyline. By the end of the book though, things are nicely brought together into really just two plots: the war, and Corry's group.

There's still no explanation of what exactly Corry is, although I've had my suspicions from the first. He was actually kind of pushed aside in this book, while it focused on building the rest of the cast. I enjoyed that very much. I loved the interactions between Chance and the wolflings, and Syrill and Lexis. It was nice to see everybody else in action, and learn more about filinian history, and why everything has turned out the way it has.

Shyshax has a bit of a backstory near the beginning, but he's not the focus for very long.

Char is also finally explained. He was almost non-existent (by the time the plot got to him, I'd nearly forgotten about him, to be honest), but at least there's that question answered. Didn't really see that one coming. Swamp fauns are horrible.

I'm almost disappointed by the ending. That's...actually an almost normal way to transition from one book to another. It's probably the first Abigail Hilton book I haven't wanted to throw against the wall when it ended.