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Fire and Flood (Prophet of Panamindorah #3)

Fire and Flood (Prophet of Panamindorah #3) - Abigail Hilton Fire and Flood is the final book in the Prophet of Panamindorah trilogy. And it did a very nice job of tying everything up.

We're given the answer to Corry's identity almost as soon as the book starts. Once more, the story doesn't really stay focused on him, but rather splits up and follows everybody. While he's an integral part of the story, and the final battle never would have been won without him, Corry is definitely not the only main character.

There's also a bit more information about the Firebird here, which I probably could have used for context in the Cowry Catcher books, if I had actually bothered to read these in order. Not much more information, but it's explained better than it was in the other series.

It was nice to see how much some of the characters have grown over the series, especially Chance and Syrill. I never saw the Laylan thing coming, though. Well, not entirely. From his height alone, you can tell he's not a pure-bred foxling.

This book definitely had a more fairy tale feel to it than the previous two did, or any of the Cowry Catcher books. I absolutely adored Laylan and Fenrah's quest. The whole city out of time, and the past, present and future was just wonderfully done.

The fight with Gabalon was...you know how people complained and complained about the final battle in Fable 2? This felt a lot like that to me. There was a lot of build up to the final battle, but when it finally happened, it wasn't as big as you expected it to be. It wasn't a bad thing (I happen to love the way Fable 2 handled that fight), and it was definitely the smartest way to defeat Gabalon. I just expected it to end up being much bigger than it was.

Between Prophet and Cowry Catcher, I still think Cowry Catchers was my favorite series. Prophet definitely grew on me, though.