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The Doll

The Doll - J.C.  Martin I love stories about la Isla de la Munecas - the entire place and its history are just so disturbingly creepy. This book, which uses la Isla as its main setting? Not so creepy.

I was a bit disappointed. I was all set for it to be all sorts of disturbing, but Dollhouse had a scarier doll-based premise than this short story did.

For what it was, though, this wasn't a bad story. While it's not scary, I did love the various twists it ended up taking - like the daughter's imaginary friend, and the ending. Both events weren't entirely obvious, and there wasn't much warning before the twists are thrown at you, which makes them work well.

There's not a lot of time for characterization - this isn't a long story at all. The descriptions in the story more than make up for that fact, though.