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Verity - Claire Farrell Verity didn't overly impress me. It was just about what you'd expect from a paranormal werewolf romance. Life mates, alpha males, bonding...etc, etc.

Nathan and Perdy *do* get credit for not jumping right into the whole life mate thing, though. The fact that this was a romance story where the couple like each other, but decide to take things slowly to see if they really like each other, or if it's just the bond making them like each other was a breath of fresh air. Reasonable teenage paranormal romance books - they DO exist!

Really, though, I spent most of the book wanting to bludgeon Perdy with a blunt object. She refused to sack up in the cases that required it the most. Sure, she finally stood up to the constant bickering between her grandmother and her father...but then she'd just fall over and let Tammie not just walk all over her, but also spit in her face for good measure. Because Tammie is her BFF. Clearly.

The villains were basically non-existent, until the very last few chapters of the book. Before that, they just kind of stood around glaring at people. Even though you find out their names in the epilogue, there's still no explanation about why exactly they're stalking Nathan's family. There's also Dawn, wouldn't really count her as a villain...although it's good to see that the "American popular mean girl" stereotype is getting work outside of the US.

The whole curse thing also confused me. Nathan's family got cursed so that they'd be werewolves, and they'd have soul mates. Is that a common occurrence? Is that how all werewolves are made? Or is it just the soul mate thing that's special with Nathan's family? It would have been nice to have a bit more information about the way werewolves work in this world.

I'm sure the second book has more answers, and if I ever see it floating around for free, I guess I'll have to grab it and find out.