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Frostbite  - Richelle Mead I enjoyed Frostbite a lot more than Vampire Academy. I mean, I liked VA just fine, but Frostbite really raised the stakes!


I sincerely apologize for that pun.

Frostbite introduces two things that make it a completely different game from the first book - we get our first look at the Strigoi, the actual, undead breed of vampires...and Adrian.

Yes, I'm an Adrian fangirl. Sexy, half-insane, drunken artists just happen to be my thing. I mean, hell...I'm married to one.

Strigoi and sexy drunken artists aside, Frostbite doesn't have to spend time setting up the world like the first book did, which allows for more action and drama. And good lord, is there drama. Rose's love life isn't even really so much a love triangle at this point as it is...just a mess. She fell hard for Dimitri, but because of the fact that they're student and teacher, with her still being a minor, they can't exactly be together. Then there's Mason, who's got a crush on her, who she uses to try to get over Dimitri. And there's also Adrian, who falls head-over-heels for Rose...well, I suppose at least it's not a love triangle, really?

The whole Strigoi plot, compared to the conflict from the first book, actually felt like a threat to the world the book is set in. (Even though they were more "evil for the sake of ultimate power!!!" villain clich├ęd than Victor was.)

Lissa isn't the focus of this book, so she sort of takes a back seat to everything else. There's still some nice scenes with her and Christian, though.

Rose's mother was also finally introduced, and the interactions between them were just hilarious. Even if most of it *did* border on child abuse. Mainly, I was just happy that someone finally hit Rose.

I will give the girl credit for not being as obnoxious in this book, though. She still makes some incredibly stupid decisions, but she's actively trying to better herself at this point, so I can forgive a lot of her actions. The Mason thing was just sad, though. I actually kind of cringed at what ended up happening because of her tantrum against Dimitri. Poor, poor Mason...